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Looking to feel better about your dating life?  Look no further.  The author of this blog has spent 12+ years online dating (give or take a relationship here and there) and has some crazy stories to share.  Rest assured you are not the only one who is having a hard time with 21st century dating. She promises to share all the madness as often as possible and welcomes you to comment, share and commiserate with the other online daters using this page, Facebook and Instagram.

Jen lives in West Chester, PA with her dog and works in analytics consulting. Besides spending time with her 9 year old golden retriever, she adores football, coffee, yoga, wine and ice cold dirty martinis. Often referred to as “FBI” by her friends due to the uncanny knack of digging up dirt on just about anyone, she’s the stalking best friend you wish you had. You call her when you need lyme and a shovel, to grab a drink (read: many drinks), or just to hear the latest of her dating adventures. All are certain to make you feel infinitely better about your own life. She has been online dating on and off since she was 27 years old and it’s been a plethora of antics ever since.

Standby for the mental breakdown that’s sure to transpire any day now.

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